About me

Ever since I can remember I have always been a curious person with a love for details and research. My mother proudly tells how as a two-year-old I used to tell people “It’s not a Dinosaur, it’s a Pachycephalosaurus”.

As a Sabra (native Israeli) I have always loved my country. I served in the IDF as an officer in an infantry unit.  This was when I really fell in love with Israel’s people and landscapes. After finishing my military service, I took a two months’ journey hiking the Israel trail and decided to make my  passion my profession, by becoming a licensed tour guide with a Masters in Israel studies (BIU).

 And so, during the last 10 years I have had the great honor of meeting thousands of travelers, families, youth, seniors and groups from all around the world and sharing with them my love for this small but great country, which I proudly call my home.

My moto is that travelling is all about meeting locals. In my tours we will meet with interesting people, hear their stories and if possible eat their food.

As a parent living in a Kibbutz in the Gaza Envelope I feel a strong moral calling to show the beautiful yet complicated lives we are living here.

So if You like history, nature and more than that- people, join me for an unforgettable experience in our special country.

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